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An AI-powered research assistant, helping you
spot future opportunities and avoid disruption.
Imagine knowing how every company
in your sector is innovating, and why.

Expand your creative potential to solve difficult problems

The best innovators find inspiration from the unlikeliest of places. Klydo uses powerful artificial intelligence to scout the web and find interesting dots for you to connect.

Make smarter decisions backed up with data-led stories

Klydo automatically generates visual innovation landscapes that reveal where to play and how to win. Use these to convince others of your ideas.

Differentiate your ideas with a unique perspective on the world

Surface tailored insights by telling Klydo the specific challenges you face. No more generic market reports that your competitors also have access to!

Our kaleidoscopic mission

Klydo is blurring the boundaries between people and technology to accelerate the rate of innovation in the world

We believe the secret to innovation is viewing your world through a unique lens. So just like a kaleidoscope, Klydo reveals new patterns and opportunities by changing your perspective on the world. Check out our .

Let the AI do the hard work
Supercharge your

Rapidly give context to the problem you are working on

Make previously
unimaginable connections

Be the first to notice subtle cross-sector shifts in what consumers value

Tell compelling
data-led stories

Gain buy-in for your ideas through persuasive data visualisations

Innovation strategy

Track your industry and innovation landscape to unearth unmet needs and business opportunities. Harness these insights into powerful, step-change ideas.

Cultural intelligence

Understand the shifts, trends and ideas shaping culture and how this is likely to evolve in the future. View your world through a people, not category, lens.

Strategic research

Do more than simply keep up by taking advantage of evolving technologies and new markets. Build for tomorrow’s consumers in tomorrow’s markets.

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