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Why did we start Klydo?

We’re on a mission to build technology that enhances creative thinking, enabling any team in any business to deliver breakthrough innovation.

We call this
klydoscope thinking.
Our story

Breakthrough innovation relies on truly creative ideas, but too often these come from random moments of insight. Klydo was born when we asked ourselves, what if we could use AI to help spark these breakthrough ideas?

To pursue this question, we’ve been coming up with breakthrough ideas of our own, drawing on insights from neuroscience, psychology and artificial intelligence to distill the fundamentals of lateral thinking and problem solving.

Nick and Wai-chuen
Klydo co-founders
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Nick Schweitzer
Wai-chuen Cheung
Callum Lamont
ML Research Engineer
Feng Shi
ML Research Engineer
Julian Lukaszewicz
Strategy & Innovation
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